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CBD for topical use: creams and oils. What are the differences?

CBD for topical use, creams and oils

There are many CBD products available on the market but how do you know which one to use? Topical anti-inflammatory products* include CBD oils and creams in general, which can be applied in a similar way. The question at hand is whether we know what their main differences are or, rather, what specific purpose they serve.

All those products for external and local use that are supplied, applied or performed on the affected area of the body.

CBD Oils

The oil can be applied topically to specific areas experiencing discomfort. It is also an ideal substance to use in a massage, as the oils help lubricate the skin and minimize any friction while performing a massage.

The use of CBD oils during a massage also allows the opportunity to add essential oils that help nourish the skin and, ultimately, provide an aromatic experience.

It should be added that CBD oil can also be formulated for oral intake, usually under the tongue with a dropper. However, as you have already read in previous posts, the consumption of CBD oil in Spain is not yet regulated and allowed. In any case, its effect will always be more systemic throughout the body. [1]

CBD Creams

Products generically designated creams can adopt different names: ointments, ointments, emulsions, among others. Each and every one of them responds to different forms of presentation (in pharmaceutical slang – galenic forms- ) whose differences reside in certain properties such as texture and consistency, fundamentally, which are given by their excipient ingredients.

In relation to their use and clinical efficacy, CBD creams tend to be used in specific areas to treat processes of pain and inflammation in general. According to the type of formulation, that is, the nature of the ingredients and their proportion, their application can be before or after the manifestation of pain and / or inflammation which leads us to talk about prevention or treatment, respectively.

In our case, Pentalium CBD and Pentalium CBD Cold Effect creams are specifically designed to prevent/treat and only treat, respectively.

About the pharmacological action of Pentalium creams

Pentalium CBD is formulated with a total of 9 active ingredients offering a wide range of therapeutic properties, mainly anti-inflammatory and structural cartilage. Its formula enriched in cartilage nutrients is enhanced by the anti-inflammatory effect provided by CBD and other active ingredients and complemented by the cold effect of menthol.

For its part, Pentalium CBD Cold Effect is formulated with a smaller number of active ingredients (4) although with a quantitatively higher concentration of CBD. Its anti-inflammatory power, in synergy with arnica, is complemented by the analgesic action provided by menthol and eucalyptol. In addition, in its formulation CBD is presented, on the one hand, from Cannabis sativa leaf extracts with a purity of 99.5% and, on the other, from Cannabis sativa seed oil. In addition, this oil is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that offer numerous healthy properties.

About the purpose and use of Pentalium creams

Pentalium CBD is formulated to accompany you in your daily activity. Its formula rich in cartilage nutrients allows an adequate performance of the joints which makes this cosmetic a perfect ally for prevention. Likewise, its anti-inflammatory ingredients, complemented with menthol, allow a quick relief of the symptoms derived from any injury to the musculoskeletal system.

For its part, Pentalium CBD Cold Effect is specifically designed to relieve pain and inflammation immediately. Its high analgesic and anti-inflammatory power make it a therapy aimed at treating pain, regardless of the type of injury.

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1. Bruni N, et al. Cannabinoid delivery systems for pain and inflammation treatment. Molecules. 2018;23(10):2478.

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