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CBD is approved by WADA at the upcoming 2021 Olympic Games

CBD is approved by WADA at the upcoming 2021 Olympic Games

Dear Athlete,

You’ll be pleased to know that the Tokyo 2021 Olympics will be the first Olympics to approve CBD consumption for participating athletes. This is great news and a reflection of the current CBD scenario for elite sport.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the International Organization responsible for preventing doping in sports competitions. Until 2018 cannabinoids in general were considered banned substances. Curiously, this group of molecules gave name to a specific category in the list of prohibited substances, whose use or consumption was a reason for criminalization.

However, in January 2020 WADA published the latest version of the updated list of prohibited substances providing an interesting nuance in the cannabinoid section (S8) that stated that all natural and synthetic cannabinoids were prohibited except for cannabidiol.

Yes, as you read it. The use and consumption of CBD is allowed by attributing a safe profile and healthy and beneficial properties, closely linked to sports performance.

Benefits of CBD on Sports Performance

CBD has been clinically proven to exhibit anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. In sports practice, this translates into the effective relief of pain, inflammation and discomfort in general, allowing greater relaxation of the muscles and joints.

But not only CBD should be seen as shock therapy, but also as a preventive resource that helps the athlete prevent certain persistent painsand all that entails it a posteriori. In short, the regular use of CBD will contribute to a better physical conditioning of the athlete.


The Expert Committee on Drug Dependence of the World Health Organization (WHO) in its last convention that took place last November 2019 in order to analyze the safe and beneficial profile of CBD, underlined the following:

CBD is not addictive, produces no psychoactive effects, no individual or social risks, and has promising therapeutic uses.

Expert Committee on Drug Dependence of the World Health Organization (WHO)

It was also confirmed that this ingredient does not appear in the list of drugs issued by the United Nations International Drug Control Conventions.

CBD and legal framework in Spain

The UN and WADA statements mark a paradigm shift in the therapeutic use of CBD internationally. However, it is necessary to make the following clarification in relation to the regulation of each country.

As we discussed in the first post, the current regulatory framework contemplates a series of restrictions regarding the way to use CBD. To date, the oral consumption of CBD in Spain is not allowed so the approval of CBD for athletes and high-performance athletes in Spain, refers only to its topical use on the skin to relieve tension, pain and inflammatory processes.

It seems that we will have to wait some more time until we can use CBD as a nutraceuticalor, that is, a nutritional ingredient that plays one or more beneficial functions in our body. Meanwhile we will have to settle for the use of creams, emulsions, oils and many others like it. Of course, make sure that the product you buy with CBD meets the strictest quality and safety standards. The absence of THC must always be notified by the producing or distributing laboratory.

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