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Pentalium Pharma and Beiman Clinics will enhance sports health and the fight against pain

Fight against pain

With an eye on health prevention, two innovative companies with an Andalusian accent, Pentalium Pharma and Beiman Clinics,join forces to solve sports injuries and others derived from new habits of life and consumption, such as the frequent use of mobile, computer or the so-called “tennis elbow.”

A collaboration based on the implementation of the use of Pentalium CBD as a preferred treatment and other derived services, which has already begun in several Beiman clinics (headquarters in Seville, Jerez de la Frontera and Las Cabezas de San Juan) and is expected to advance in the coming months in the rest of Andalusia. The development of this action is demanded by the own
patients before the success of the treatments applied.

For Pentalium Pharma, one of the fastest growing startups in Spain in recent years in the area of sports health, the collaboration with Clínicas Beiman reinforces its purpose of helping athletes, amateur athletes and others in the fight against pain.

Thus, Elena Gallardo, Medical Affairs Manager of Pentalium Pharma, highlights the importance of
“Starting a collaboration with Beiman Clinics is undoubtedly a big step for our company.”

Likewise, it has advanced the implementation, together with the researchers and professionals of Clínica Beiman, of a series of studies that can support the clinical efficacy of products based on cannabidiol and other ingredients of natural and mineral origin, developed specifically to treat pain. In this sense, “much remains to be done, and we are sure that this collaboration will be an important catalyst to generate that transformative advance,” he said.

In this sense, Juan de Dios Beas, Medical Director of the Beiman Clinics, reinforces this approach indicated that “the collaboration is based on the realization of research on the use of Pentalium CBD cream in the field of the treatment of sports injuries and various pathologies to make available to patients, cutting-edge treatments aimed at pain relief, tissue regeneration and recovery of function of structures affected by injury or disease’.

And it is that for Juan de Dios Beas, “we must look for treatments that contribute to the repair of injured tissues and Pentalium CBD cream adjusts to this change of trend in clinical practice for its regenerative role,” he said.

A promising scenario for tendon injuries

It should be remembered that certain pathologies that affect the soft tissue of the joints are increasingly frequent and are motivated by different reasons such as new habits and lifestyles.

Some of them, installed in the context of teleworking or in daily habits such as frequent use of the mobile, excessive use of the computer or continuous flexion of the elbow when talking on the phone. Also certain domestic and / or work tasks that involve postures with prolonged grasp.

In addition, another factor that aggravates the situation is the practice of sports not properly supervised and without adequate advice, which end up triggering certain tendon pathologies, such as the well-known elbow of
tennis player.

As a solution to this type of injury, Pentalium Pharma and Beiman will add solutions to treat this type of injury. For this, it has Pentalium CBD cream, a natural product based on Cannabidiol, which offers tested solutions for a large part of patients with joint injuries and athletes in general.

About Beiman Clinics: a benchmark in Sports Medicine in Andalusia

With 6 own centers and in collaboration with more than 100 concerted clinics throughout Andalusia, the Beiman Clinics, specialized in sports health, serve 300,000 patients in the year, many of whom are federated athletes.

They offer services in sports medicine, traumatology, advanced physiotherapy, podiatry, biomechanics and tread study, nutrition, cardiology and stress tests, among other medical specialties.

The demand for new medical specialties has led them in recent years to increase their services beyond the sports focus and incorporate professionals from other specialties, with which they hope to exceed twenty specialties in their clinics in the coming years.

About Pentalium Pharma

Pentalium Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that develops cosmetic, sanitary and nutraceutical products based on natural ingredients and / or cutting-edge minerals.

Specialized in the therapeutic area of pain and with a focus on sports health, its products have given an effective clinical response to hundreds of people suffering from problems of the
musculoskeletal system.

Its multi-channel business model has a strong presence online and offline.

In this way, the company manages to have a notable impact on all stakeholders (health professionals, patients and professional athletes) generating a community in favor of a new phenomenon for health, which is vertebrate in physical activity and well-being as the main drivers of change.

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