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Pentalium Pharma in the media

Pentalium Pharma in the media

Last Monday, December 7, the media outlet Extradigital published a press release that reflected the reach achieved with the communication and marketing campaign that the company Pentalium Pharma has developed in recent weeks. A campaign that treats health from a holistic approach and that connects patients, health professionals and athletes. In order to sensitize the population, the news highlights the importance of identifying and preventing pain, as well as helping to combat it.

Pain: a problem of great magnitude

Back, neck, or headache pain. These are broadly the most common pains that the Spanish population can suffer. We can even venture to put a figure: up to nine million people suffer discomfort of greater or lesser intensity. However, there is a high percentage for which these discomforts can become unbearable, even accompanying you throughout your life.

The solution: investing in prevention and conscious health

There are pain attenuators. Analgesics, physical exercise, cosmetic, sanitary and natural nutraceutical products of the avant-garde. Still there are no magic recipes. However, it does seem that a tested and guaranteed solution is the awareness of both conscious health and prevention. Know the importance of taking care of yourself, staying active and adopting appropriate healthy habits in order to prevent pain in general and chronic pain in particular. All this with adequate preventive treatments.

Pentalium Products

Successful communication campaign to make the invisible visible

To this end, Pentalium Pharma is connecting people suffering from pain, healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, traumatologists, specialists in sports medicine and pain unit and professional athletes. That is, those who suffer from the problem, know the solution and who can help you with a spirit of improvement.

Plural, multi-channel and with reach to all stakeholders. This is how many define the Pentalium campaign. With a launch video that has not left indifferent, the Pentalium brand has burst into social networks echoing the rich community of health professionals, athletes and users who already integrate it. The figures speak for themselves and there are already many people who have decided to support the campaign.

Thus, the Pentalium brand begins to make a modest gap among the population with those people who are determined to promote a change in their lifestyles and, with it, adopt healthier habits and invest in health.

Adaptation of the article written by Andrés Mellado, from the media outlet Extradigital.

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