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What is CBD? Its application in cosmetics

What is CBD? Its application in cosmetics

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecule that belongs to the group of cannabinoids which are present in various plant sources (not only Cannabis sativa, commonly designated Marijuana). More than 120 phytocannabinoids are known and are the subject of extensive research.

These molecules are all the rage in the wellness industry. Whether it’s natural CBD or other molecules, inspired by CBD and chemically developed in the lab, they all exhibit a broad spectrum of health properties.

In other words, all these molecules target receptors present in our body, responsible for activating or deactivating certain mechanisms related to pain, inflammation and other ailments.

In some countries such as the United States, human clinical trials are currently being developed with CBD and other analogous candidates that are postulated as potential drugs. In Spain, given the current regulatory framework that does not currently contemplate the use of medicinal cannabis, we have to settle for its use in cosmetics, fundamentally.

Can a product classified as cosmetic have therapeutic properties?

Yes, only from a regulatory point of view, cosmetics are not designed to treat diseases, disorders or ailments. Hence, the regulatory bases contemplate the design of health claims in the leaflets and advertising material of the same very directed to the care of the image and not to the treatment. A very different thing is what announces its formulation and the therapeutic properties of the ingredients that constitute it.

At Pentalium Pharma we develop cosmetics based on CBD and other active ingredients whose formulations demonstrate clinically interesting therapeutic possibilities.

The CBD/THC ratio

Today, the truth is that it is not fully understood how CBD works, if we refer to its ability to influence multiple physiological pathways in animals and humans.

Much of the interest in CBD has focused on its analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. However, the mostly pharmacological effects are attributed to the presence of another phytocannabinoid, the molecule A9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The drawback of this last molecule is its psychoactive action, that is, its ability to influence psychic functions by its action on the Central Nervous System. For its part, CBD does not contain a psychoactive effect. We can not ignore the interesting synergy and action presented by these molecules applied / administered together (CBD / THC) because, although it is true that THC is responsible for the less good effect, CBD is already responsible for counteracting it by safeguarding the pharmacological action that interests us all.

In any case, although there are ways and means to manage the CBD/THC ratio to minimize the psychoactive effect without subtracting pharmacological action, the important thing is that the cosmetics developed by Pentalium Pharma are THC-free (quality certificates and THC free guarantee available on our website).

If we have not yet convinced you of the benefits of CBD, here is another compelling reason to believe in this molecule: its activity on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The SEC has proven to have a key role in the regulation of our body but we will tell you this in the next post.

See you very soon!

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