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WHO endorses the benefits of CBD

Benefits of CBD

On December 3, 2020, the WHO surprised by recognizing the benefits of CBD and endorsing its medicinal use. After a surprise vote and closed until the last second, one of the most consumed psychotropics internationally, has been considered advantageous. Or at least, one of its active ingredients such as CBD.

At Pentalium, we have decided to echo this fact.

A good decision? Everything related to the WHO decision on the benefits of CBD

The WHO Narcotics Control Commission and most of the countries that make it up have achieved a historic event. After a vote where they got the maximum possible votes, they generated the endorsement to postpone marijuana from among their control lists. As a result, a whole debate has opened up… Is it the right decision?

The final result of the vote

The use of cannabis as a medicine had been truncated by the refusal of many countries. However, after this event, of the 59 countries participating in the commission against narcotics, they achieved 27 votes in favor. Thanks to the abstention that was manifested in other participants, they narrowly exceeded the 25 votes against.

As a consequence, the perception of cannabis will begin to change from now on, trumpeting its medical use. Even so, there is still a lot of fabric to be cut, so it is not the adjudication of the war.

A fact that has generated debate and mixed opinions since 2019

Since 2019, the idea of the legalization of cannabis has already been looming within the ranks of the WHO. During the course of that year, the WHO issued a statement with the 6 most proven benefits of CBD today.

Based on this, the idea of removing this active ingredient from the list of controls of the United Nations Organization was catapulted. Obviously, behind this premise, the contribution of the aforementioned WHO Narcotics Control Commission was immersed.

Despite the fact that different countries that formed such a commission claimed that the use of CBD as a medicine was productive, there was still fabric to be cut. The other half of the members claimed that it was too early to issue an exact conclusion. The main reason was attributed to the fact that cannabis was still a controversial substance, with inconclusive studies.

However, the WHO’s decision on the basis of a democratic character has left a sea of mixed opinions. After the vote, representatives of Ecuador or the United States have argued that it is only the first step.

In turn, they have made it clear that the benefits of CBD should only be used in the medical field. Although the vote was won, the favored party has been very categorical about the strict medicinal use. They have even demanded that the WHO create a commission to dictate the necessary guidelines for the correct medicinal use of this active ingredient in the long term.

The background behind the feat

Now that the benefits of CBD are recognized, it is necessary to clarify the premise as such. CBD, or cannabidiol, is considered by the WHO as a non-psychotropic product for medicinal purposes. That is, such has been the component or active ingredient that has been approved, not cannabis as such.

In short, the commercialization of cannabis is still subject to the regulations of each country. What has been sustained is the fact of recognizing CBD, a derivative of cannabis, as a medicinal component suitable for humanity.

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