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Scientifically supported and produced by third parties

Our experience

Our products are the result of extensive prior scientific research based on natural ingredients (phytochemicals) that guarantee numerous health properties. As a result of this knowledge and experience, the interest was born to develop formulations with the purpose of making the most of the therapeutic potential and achieving optimal synergy between all its ingredients, all under the strictest European quality and safety standards.

Your action

At Pentalium Pharma we like to work with the best. Because of this we outsource research, development and innovation services to guarantee the best results in close collaboration with the leading laboratories in this sector, nationally and internationally.

Your recommendation

We have a team of opinion leaders who provide us with advice
in the areas of health, research, market trends and business
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Natural by nature

Nature, our inspiration

At Pentalium Pharma we believe in the value of reconnecting with nature and we offer solutions based on ingredients with a high grade of purity, extracted from natural sources.

Health conscious, a paradigm for change

We know the importance of conventional medicine but we argue that it is possible to adopt healthy lifestyle habits under the premise of prevention before treatment. These allow us to stay consciously healthy and to delay the manifestation of certain pathologies that occur with the passing of time.

Our ingredients, your guarantee

The selection of ingredients isn’t fortuitous. Our formulas are developed based on numerous clinical studies that support the effectiveness of the ingredients used.

The innovation called Cannabis Sativa L

Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the plant Cannabis Sativa L. The main components of this plant, including CBD, are commonly called cannabinoids. There are more than 85 types of cannabinoids in the plant. They are all similar but have different effects.

The three principal cannabinoids are: CBD (cannabidiol – free from psychoactive effect), CBN (cannabinol – partial psychoactive effect) and THC (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol – psychoactive effect).

Our products contain only CBD from seeds and certified organic crops, presenting 0% THC. Download certificate.

Download certificate.

Made for you

We care about people

Our products are the result of the experience and passion for the service of people. We focus on certain ailments and diseases in order to improve your quality of life.

Your opinion matters to us

All of our products have already been tested by users, health professionals and high-performance athletes. We are interested in their opinion but we are interested in yours too.

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