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Pentalium Pharma

Your well-being, our mission.

Our Philosophy

‘Make the impossible happen.’ There is no better way to define the philosophy of the Pentalium brand. Our logo, the
Penrose pentagon is based on the first geometric figure created in 1934 by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd, nicknamed
the father of impossible figures. This figure represents impossibility at its best.

The purpose of Pentalium Pharma is to develop products that offer tangible solutions to the problems that reduce people’s
quality of life. This is why we work to join young people and adults who have the strong intention to maintain being
consciously healthy and face with determination the possible physical difficulties that arise on a day-to-day basis.

We are looking to be reference point for those active people, that carry out a demanding life style, those who don’t give
up or stop their daily activity.

Our Mission

To offer high-quality and innovative cosmetics, healthy and nutraceutical products to society. Our products are formulated
based on ingredients of natural origin, under the strictest quality standards and mainly focused on offering tangible results
in a safe, fast and effective way.

To provide a comprehensive service, based on the accompaniment and advice of different health and sports professionals,
for the transversal understanding of wellbeing and health. With this, we create synergies for the new establishment of new
paths in the prevention and treatment of ailments and diseases.

To creates a community that inspires and leads changes, impacting the world in a positive way.

Our values


We are a multidisciplinary team whose objective is to offer our
clients an integrated service, under the most stringent quality standards.


We are committed to the development of new products, backed by extensive research in the area of phytochemicals. We have the support and endorsements of a team of top-level scientists and experts who provide a preventive and holistic approach to health.


Our main interest is people’s health. That’s why we are constantly
working to develop solutions that contribute to an improvement and/or
recovery of quality of life and therefore, to your wellbeing.


We add value to our B2B and B2C relationships, taking care of businesses and our clients respectively. We create a professional network that fosters the growth of the business fabric in the health and wellbeing sector.


Our community is made up of scientists, health professional and high-performance athletes that inspire, motivate and generate a positive influence on the wellbeing of society.

Together we promote a comprehensive service through the dissemination of content and education on healthy lifestyle habits.

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